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Preventive Operation Section

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Inspection on Drugs


In accordance with the provisions stipulated in Paragraph 1, Article 4 of Narcotics Hazard Prevention
Act, offenders of manufacturing, transporting, or selling Category one narcotics are subject to a death sentence or life imprisonment, while offenders who are sentenced to life imprisonment may also be subject to a fine of no more than twenty million New Taiwan dollars. On top of that, persons guilty of attempting to commit the above-mentioned offenses are subject to a fine.

Facing the challenge of combating various types of smuggling, the Customs put into every effort to intercept drugs at the borders. The Customs not only works closely with domestic and foreign investigation agencies to gather information, but also elevates professional skills of Customs officers by on-thejob training with the help of detector dogs and X-ray inspection machines, with an aim of preventing the entry of illegal drugs to maintain a drug-free living environment for the public.

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