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Official Seal of the Commissioner of Takow Customs


In 1863, Ching Government established Tamsui Customs House and Keelung Sub-station. In addition, the “Temporary Rules and Regulations of the Takow Harbor” was promulgated in Oct. 1863, which stipulated the opening of Takow Harbor and its role as the outer port of Anping Harbor, ushering in the opening of Kaohsiung Harbor to foreign trade.

In 1885, Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed following the defeat of China at the end of Sino-Japanese War, which resulted in the turning over of Taiwan to Imperial Japan. During Japanese colonial period, the Customs Sub-station of Takow, which was under the jurisdiction of Anping Customs, was set up. Subsequently, Kaohsiung became the most important international harbor due to its successful development.

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