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Training Certificate of the Customs College


In late Cing Dynasty, Customs executive power was taken over by imperialist countries due to the Boxer Indemnity. In 1908, the first Customs School was founded in Beijing for the purpose of cultivating native customs talents so as to retrieve the Customs power from the foreign countries.

At inception, the Customs School recruited only senior high school graduates. After completion of a fouryear program, the diploma they received was the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. The Customs School was renamed the Customs College in 1913. In 1929, the new programs designed for outdoor officers and maritime officers were established respectively.

Due to break out of the war against Japan, the Customs College was suspended and relocated to the campus of Hong Kong University in 1940, which was destroyed in the Pacific War in 1941. In view of the fact there was an urgent need for Customs officers, the Customs College reopened in 1942 in ChongCing. In 1946, the Customs College moved to Shanghai.

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